Final results

The BALTRAD+ project has been finalized in spring 2014. The cooperation from 2009 - 2014 has resulted in delivering the BALTRAD system and the related documentation as it was planned. The project has finally met its overall objective to deliver a real-time weather radar network with proven value to forecasters and decision-makers. The main results are described and referenced below:

BALTRAD system Version 2.0

The BALTRAD system is the world’s most advanced international weather radar network that has been developed and deployed. The BALTRAD network is decentralized, preserving the partnerships transnational integrity. BALTRAD delivers value-added precipitation information to improve short-term weather forecasts. The BALTRAD network has successfully demonstrated deployment by integrating data from 50 weather radars in ten countries into the system, forming the basis for the BALTRAD+ project. In line with the INTERREG rules, the software is freely available at

Documentation of BALTRAD system Version 2.0

The BALTRAD software system uses state-of-the-art software development-, documentation- and maintenance tools. The set of manuals includes support to organisations that plan to take the BALTRAD system on board and use it for their purposes and to specify the investments to establish the BALTRAD system. Manuals are implemented on-line, some in wiki-style.The following on-line manuals are available:

Frequently Asked Questions:
User Guide:

A set of radar-based products developed under the framework of BALTRAD+

Several radar-based products have been developed in BALTRAD. These are:

  • A wealth of algorithms to process the raw radar data converting them into meaningful and quality-assured information.
  • Products for end users. One of these products is the integration of weather radar data into a system to support emergency response in nuclear accidents. Another chain of products are the real-time nowcasting system, the dry weather prediction model and the urban water management node.

The documents describing these products are available for download:

BALTRAD+ Radar based products.pdf
BALTRAD+ Tailored end-user products.pdf
BALTRAD+ Aarhus case.pdf
BALTRAD+ Radar data integration.pdf
BALTRAD+ LAWR (Data description).pdf
BALTRAD+ LAWR (Quick guide).pdf
BALTRAD+ Risk assessment map.pdf