Mapping end-user needs

Target end-users have been identified in cooperation with representatives from different organizations. Main end-user sectors include hydrologists (flood protection institutions), air traffic control, local rescue services (fire, flood, …), road and railway control and protection, radiation monitoring and protection, power industry (power lines), hydropower industry, agriculture, research community, education, and mass media. A questionnaire “The end-users requirements and expectations in terms of weather radar data” was sent to the end-user group representative institutions. Answers are still gathered as they will serve as a basis for the analysis. The first version of Application Case Log has been prepared, describing potential usage of weather radar data by particular groups of end-users.

Technical requirement studies and first software releases

Detailed functional and non-functional specification of software systems have been done. The Linux operating system has been chosen for all developed software. A third-party software system originally planned to be used in BALTRAD, was found to be a sub-optimal solution. As a result, a new communication layer has been designed for BALTRAD. Zero version of a core network software implementation is being developed. Data Catalogue requirements have been compiled. System functional specification and system design requirements have been compiled too. The first prototype release has been produced. Parts of the core system responsible for file import and handling have been implemented. Production framework concepts, requirements and specifications have been compiled. The choice of programming language(s) has been made, and a way forward has been identified. Progress has been made in implementing a 3-D radar compositing algorithm.

Increasing interest

BALTRAD has begun collaborating with other countries in the region who are not directly involved in the project. The Norwegian Meteorological Institute was involved in early 2009, and co-operation with the Germany (German Weather Service) has also been established. Collaboration with EUMETNET (the Network of the European Meteorological Services) and their OPERA Programme, which aims to provide European platform on operationally-oriented weather radar, has been established.